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Licensed Drinking Is Wrong Choice :: Argumentative Persuasive Papers

Licensed Drinking Is Wrong Choice On October 27, 2004, I will finally cross the bridge from my teenage years to adulthood. Along with the celebration of my 21st birthday, new rights, and responsibilities will shape my life. One of the biggest milestones in young adulthood is the freedom to purchase, and drink alcohol. There are few rules attached to this freedom, except for drinking and driving, which is of course illegal. With new drinking privileges comes an implication that I must take on personal responsibility for how much alcohol I chose to consume at any given period. Everyone over the age of 21 has the right to chose when, and how much they drink. This age restriction is a preventative measure intended to decrease underage drinking due to poor decision making, or irresponsible behaviors. Although these laws are established, they don’t stop underage drinking or the development of alcoholism. It is evident that the current laws aren’t working, because every weekend I hear of several underage drinkers getting ticketed. Because MIP (minor in possession of alcohol), tickets are so prominent show that underage drinkers don’t pay attention to the laws. The age restriction isn’t anything, and everyone knows the law. However, there will always be those who simply do what they please regardless of the consequences, and those who wish to drink will do so at any cost. Brake’s License Proposal In the essay, â€Å"Needed: a license to drink,† Mike Brake argues the freedom to drink should be regulated by a license. Much of Brake’s argument stems from his experiences both professionally and personally. He spent two years as a counselor in a chemical-dependency treatment center, and lost four family members in alcohol-related-deaths. Brake reminds the reader that alcohol is the root of many evils in this world: divorce, child and spousal abuse, suicide, homicide, assault, and other crimes. There is also numerous health problems related to the consumption of alcohol: failure of the liver, kidneys, heart, pancreas, and central nervous system (Brake, 1998, p. 135). Because of those statistics, Blake feels a license to drink would be the solution. Brake’s major claim is geared towards alcohol offenders, â€Å"A national system of licensing with appropriate penalties will do more.† In other words, he believes a license would more effectively confront the alcoholics or problem drinkers. A license for alcohol will go hand in hand with the right to hunt, fish, and drive.

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