Monday, February 10, 2020

Advertising strategy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Advertising strategy - Assignment Example For example, the advertisements of Cadbury Dairy Milk often apply the strategy of recall and testing the memory of its viewer by making the purple color recognition with the brand. Similarly, Coca-Cola often uses this strategy with the use of red color. Coca-Cola used this strategy in painting walls with red color. This is an advertising concept which helps in understanding how a consumer reacts to the information provided by companies through advertisements. It helps companies to learn features of a brand (Yeshin). For example, ‘Nutrisystem’ a weight loss program developed advertisements which only focused upon providing ample amount of information in its advertisements so that their customers can make informed decisions. The advertisement reflected upon answering various questions regarding weight loss which makes a user informed and they learn about a certain product. Association refers to a concept that links a brand with characteristics and style of a particular personality (Yeshin). For example, Rolex advertisements reflect a certain type of class and prestige associated with its brand and not every person has the capability to afford the brand. Similarly, Apple product advertisements are targeting the similar audience and conveying a similar message. The concept focuses on developing intent of motivation and influences viewers to act something in return (Yeshin). For example, DiGiorno is maintaining a perfect job in enticing people to purchase and try their product. DiGiorno provides frozen pizzas and other similar products to their customers and in their advertisements they are influencing customers by showing three different plates of meals and also define calories that each meal contains. Despite the information provided to the customer he prefers pizza from DiGiorno that have high calories. The idea reflects the intent of influential approach. The concept reflects a mirror image about

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