Saturday, March 14, 2020

Computer Calamities essays

Computer Calamities essays There's nothing worst than when a machine that you depend on so much, just decides it doesn't want to work anymore. If you run a business and your computer stops working, most of the time you do too. If this happens, your problems could range from small , something you can handle yourself, or they can be very big. In this case a professional can help. To help reduce the cost, identify the problem before you have it serviced if you can. According to some hardware and software manufactures, many people call customer service for some rather common and annoying problems. Technicians have pointed out that , people tend to overlook the obvious when diagnosing computer problems. Some of the most common questions asked are as follows: Why won't my system boot? The first thing you should check is the power cord and all other connections to make sure they are attached securely. A lot of things happen when you turn on your computer. It begins by running a diagnostic routine to make sure all system components are working properly. If your computer beeps a few times and stops working before it displays a message on your monitor, there's a chance that a critical piece of hardware has failed. It may be a good idea to seek professional help at this time. Also, you could have a dead battery if nothing happens after you hear the floppy drive whir. Your computer depends on a battery to preserve important system settings when it is cut off. Batteries can die as often as every two years. Why is my system so slow? Even if you have the fastest CPU money can buy, it won't do much good if you 're running short on memory. Today's computer should have at least 8MB of RAM to work effectively. If you can afford 16MBs, it will pay for itself with added productivity. An inefficient hard drive can also slow down your system. This can be solved by upgrading your hard drive. Fragmented files may be another reason for a ...

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